Ranks: Where you stand.

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Ranks: Where you stand.

Post by Kasper Xi on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:07 pm

High-ranking canines in Tiers I and II are required to be online at the very least 4 of 7 days within the week.
When choosing a rank, Initiates after your 4 day trial period, you'll be able to choose from Tier IV and work your way up.

Tier I.

Lord / Lady { [1/2] Xi}
These lovely canines are the ones who will lead the pack, and make important decisions, as well as call hunts, pack runs, war, things of that sort. Depending on which is the most dominate out of the pair, one will make most decisions, while the other enforces it. They're to be highly respected, and listened too at all times. Any act of defiance, or disrespect will be punished.

Markis / Marksinna { [0/2] Xii }
Second in command, they listen to and obey only the two dominate pairs. When the Alphas are not here, they are in charge, and are responsible for keeping the order of the pack and making minor decisions. Major decisions are taken to the Leading Pair. They are to be listened to and respected as much as the Alphas are.

Duke / Duchess { [0/2] Xiii }
Third in command. When both the Alphas and Betas are out of camp, or on leave, they take charge of the leading duties. They do not make any major decisions, mostly to order the lower tiers for activities and such.

Story-Tellers { XV }
The elderly or retired; they're generally above the age of 400 unless they've been crippled and were/are unable to complete their duties. They are to be respected just as much as the higher tiers, if not more.

Tier II.

Warlord { [0/4] Xvw I }
The most efficient warrior the pack has. They're in charge of training new recruits who wish to be in the fighting branch. They're in charge of leading the wolves to war, and teaching their subordinates the skills of combat. They're permitted to call spars, and mock battles with the permission of the Alphas and/or Betas.

Runner { [0/4] Xvr I }
These dogs know the maps like the back of their paws. They're in charge of training soon to-be scouts in the way of Stealth, Speed, and Stamina. Also known as the Triple S. These wolves have more patience than most, as they're duties involve spying, sending messages and teaching younger, inexperienced wolves.

Reaper { [0/4] Xva I }
A mixed rank. Reapers are the assassins, they excel in execution and stalking, the rank between the Runner and the Warlord. They're wolves who take pride in being able to run about undetected, and efficiently cut off another being without much trouble. If a wolf wanted to be a Reaper, they'd have to have been in either the Scouting or the Fighting branch, although exceptions are made for the other branches.

Guardian { [0/3] Xvg I }
Possessing both brain and brawn these canines are the ones who deal with trespassers, visitors, or intrusions. At least 1 Guardian goes with the higher ups when they leave camp for any reason. They know when to use aggression and when to use logic and make rational decisions. They train the to-be Grunts.

Doctor { [0/4] Xvo I }
Our most skilled in the medicine field. They know how to deal with the injured and are able to heal in even the most dire circumstances without hesitation and are expected to know the healing herbs by memory. At least 1 Doctor is to accompany important departing parties

Matriarch / Patriarch { [0/4] Xvm I }
The den mothers of the pack, their main job is to keep an eye on the Juveniles and Youngsters. They train the Queens and To-be Mothers; they're the glue that keeps the tension flattened to a tolerable atmosphere when things get rough. They can be both, male, or female, although females are preferred.

Scavenger { [0/6] Xvs I }
Our lead hunters, they're in charge of sending their subordinates out on hunts too feed the pack. They train the Youngsters and To-Be's to hunt, regardless of if they're aspiring for the title of Hunter. These wolves excel in the knowledge of how to best bring down prey, meaning they have as much patience as the Runners and Matriarchs.

Tier III.

Titan { [Warrior] XVt II }
Seeker { [Scout] XVs II }
Knight { [Guard] XVk II }
Priest { [Medic] XVp II }
Queen { [Den Mother] XVq II }
Predator { [Hunter] XVh II }

Tier IV.

Wretch { [Warrior] XXw III }
Wanderer { [Scout] XXr III }
Grunt { [Guard] XXg III}
Healer { [Medic] XXh III }
Mother { [Den Mother] XXd III }
Prowler { [Hunter] XXp III }

Tier V.

Initiate { [Recruit] XXi }
To-be { [Juvenile] XXii
Mongrel { [Pupper] XXiii }
Omega { X }
Exile { N/A }

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