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Rules & Regulations

Post by Kasper Xi on Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:13 pm


↳ You're expected to be literate, as this is a strictly literate role-play. Meaning you are to have decent spelling and punctuation. However we'll accept semi-literates occasionally, and give them time to improve. If they have not improved with the time span of a month, they will be kicked.

↳ If you are trying to improve in your literacy, please accept the help given to you. All members want to do is help you, not criticize you.
  However if you are helping someone improve, don't be snappy about it. Give them helpful tips or pointers.

↳ You are to respect each and every member despite their title IC, and even those who aren't in the group. You are a role-model for this group, so be a good one!

↳ While we try to make every member in our pack feel welcome and comfortable, we do not want to become your therapists. Do not drag your IRL drama into the group constantly, you will be warned about it. If you need help, you may speak about it in whisper.

↳ Each post must be at least three sentences long, we understand Lazy Days but we expect you to try. Absolutely no one liners.

↳ Keep OOC conversation in a party, whisper or group chat unless told otherwise.

↳ While we are a mature roleplay, we do not want to see anyone mating in the local chat, you must take it too whisper. If this is not followed anyone participating in the role-play will be warned about it.

↳ Swearing is okay, we just don't want to see you dropping the F-bomb every three seconds!

↳ Items are okay, but again, no wings, or neon bubbles. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets and things of that sort are perfectly okay. Fail to meet this and you’ll be warned.

↳ Please respect all of the members, if someone tells you to stop talking about it you stop. No ifs, and/or butts.

↳ Please, try to be active. We’d like for you to be on as much as you possibly can we understand that real life comes first and some of you may have other role-plays to attend to. However, if you are out for more than two weeks without telling why, you will be kicked.

↳ You are allowed at the most, two characters in the group, however the highest ranking should be the one your most active with. This is simply to keep people from overcrowding the group with a bunch of inactive characters. Being caught with more then one will result in a warning and/or a demotion.


↳ Being a semi-realistic group, your characters appearance should not have neon wings, or obnoxiously bright markings. You will be warned if you try to join and you have not followed this rule.

↳ No god-modding. When fighting you're allowed three moves without taking damage, after that if you don't get hit you'll be spoken too about it.

↳ Do NOT bring IC drama into OOC and vise versa. They are two different things!

↳ Pups are allowed to stay young for at least two weeks, after which they will be asked to age into an adolescent. You cannot stay a pup or teen forever, if you have not aged at all over the span of a month you will be spoken too.

↳ When females are expecting, they’re asked to find people to play those offspring. They won’t be able to fulfill their duties when they are pregnant, so they are to stay within camp and under the eyes of the Doctors and Matriarchs.

↳ You are allowed two characters within the group. You are required to be active on whichever has the highest rank, so be sure you can handle it.

If you have any questions or need something cleared up, please come to one of our admins and we will try and fix it for you as quickly as possible!

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